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Merchant Agreement

1. General

Over time, these Terms and Conditions will be reexamined. This will incorporate all of our services accessible online or from distributors through any medium such as gadgets and electronic gadgets. These pages, content and services accessible through the site are claimed, operated and provided by Rotuku.com

2. Our service

Through the Platform, we (Rotuku.com and its associate (distribution) accomplices) provide an online marketplace Platform through which Vendor can promote their products and services, and through which guests of the Platform (clients/customer/buyer) can purchase.

When providing our services, the data that we unveil is based on the data given to us by the Vendor. Consequently, Vendor is completely responsible for updating costs, availability and other data which is shown on our Platform.

We will not confirm and ensure that, all data is accurate or complete, nor can we be held responsible for any error, inaccurate, deluding or unfaithful data or non-delivery of data. Each Vendor remains responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness and rightness of the data (including the costs and availability) shown on our Platform. For any enquiries, please email to info@rotuku.com

3. Privacy

Rotuku.com respects your privacy and it is important to us. We’re committed to protect and defending any personal information you deliver to us. Rotuku.com collects your name, contact details, details and description of your company as well as your product descriptions. All information will remain confidential until Government authority request for such information.

4. Personal Data (usage/storage)

We collect your data to assist your orders, to contact you and to inform you of our latest deals and special offers. It is also to ensure that you get the most excellent service possible while keeping your information safe. We store Personal data in accordance with our guidelines, procedures and principles in accordance with the applicable law.

5. Required Documentation

Rotuku.com may return the goods and/or invoices at the Vendor cost when you fail to meet below requirement:

  • Include a packing list with each shipment with a special (unique) reference (purchase order)
  • Show serial numbers of the product, including serial numbers of trade-in equipment, where appropriate

6. Offer and acceptance

The Vendor, by the execution of this purchase order, or by the commencement of performance, enters in to a binding agreement of purchase and deal with Rotuku.com for the supply of the goods and services as recorded on the face of this purchase order, subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Rotuku.com placement of this purchase order with the Vendor is expressly conditioned upon the Vendor’s acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions contained on, connected to, or expressly incorporated by reference in this purchase order.

Any Terms and Conditions proposed by the Vendor that are conflicting with, or in addition to, the Terms and Conditions of this purchase order are void and of no effect, whether given in an invoice, confirmation of purchase or other communication.

7. Price

7.1 Registration Fee:

Price for plans offered to Vendor are such follows: Free Registration under Basic Program and  SGD300.00 per product under Product Development Program (PDP). An amount of 9% + $1 commission will be deducted. Please take note that, $1 is taken for each transaction regardless of the quantity of the transaction.

7.2 Delivery Fee:

Delivery fee will be based on selected delivery and shipping method.

7.3 Product Photography Fee:

Product Name Description Qty Unit Price (BND)
Product Photography 3-Angle Views (Front, Back & Sides) 1 3.00
2 5.50
3 8.00
4 10.00
5 & above 2.00 each


8. Payment

Rotuku.com will pay the Vendor after sales accumulated either within the period of 2 weeks or at the end of the month via vendor bank / online banking / cdm / cheque upon request.

9. Prices and terms of shipment

Unless otherwise noted on the purchase order:

  • Prices exclude packing, handling, cartage, taxes and duties.

10. Delivery

The Vendor must inform Rotuku.com immediately if there is any shortage or delay of any kind when delivering goods and services.

If the Vendor could not provide the product by the delivery date, Rotuku.com reserves the right to terminate the purchase order in whole or in part and to purchase substitute goods and services elsewhere. Rotuku.com also reserves the right to charge the Vendor with any incidental or consequential damages that might be incurred.

11. Abnormalities

In the case where Rotuku.com discover that products received are inaccurate from Vendors, hence additional charges will be applied to the Vendor. If mistakes are from Rotuku.com, consequently additional charges will be carried by Rotuku.com.

12. Warranty

Without limitation to any additional warranties provided by the Vendor, whether indicated on the face of the purchase order or otherwise provided, the Vendor warrants that:

  • All goods shall be of commercialize quality and free from defects in workmanship and materials.
  • All goods shall strictly conform to applicable samples, specifications and drawings.
  • All goods and services shall be fit for the purpose intended by Rotuku.com.
  • All goods shall be free and clear of all liens, charges and encumbrances.
  • The goods and services comply with the standards set forth by applicable federal, provincial, municipal, and industry regulatory agencies.
  • The shipping and handling of any hazardous material will be in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • The goods and services shall comply with all applicable environmental protection laws and regulations.
  • Unless a longer warranty period is specified on the face of the purchase order, or is otherwise provided, the foregoing warranty shall be valid for one month from the date of acceptance of the goods and services by Rotuku.com.
  • If Rotuku.com discovers that there are any weaknesses, deficiencies, failures, breakdowns, or deterioration in workmanship at any time prior to the expiration of any applicable warranty period, or if the goods and services do not conform to the terms and conditions of this purchase order, Rotuku.com may:
  • Require that the Vendor promptly replace, redesign, or correct the defective and non-conforming goods and services at no expense to Rotuku.com, or
  • Replace or correct the defective goods and services, and charge the Vendor with all of the expenses that Rotuku.com incurs.
  • The Vendor must indemnify and save harmless Rotuku.com, its members, officers, employees, assigns, agents, clients and the public from any liability, loss, cost and expense arising either directly or indirectly, from breach of any warranty given by the vendor hereunder.

13. Sample

Vendor in which their products fall under Food and Beverages category are required to bring their sample for Rotuku.com. The sample will be next given to Rotuku.com’s Distributor Department. This will as it were applies in case the Vendor wish for their item to be distributed to the retailers or general stores (i.e. supermarket).

14. Product Stock (Warehouse)

All of the products will be kept by the Vendor itself. When bookings are made by the customer, its either the Vendor itself send it to the Rotuku.com HQ or Rotuku.com Logistics Personnel will come to pick up the requested items and send it to the customer.

15. Inspection

All goods and services are subject to inspection and approval by Rotuku.com upon delivery.

Rotuku.com reserves the right to refuse acceptance of goods and services which are not in accordance with our specifications, or not in compliance with the Vendor’s warranty (expressed or implied).

Goods not accepted will be returned to the Vendor at the Vendor’s expense.

Rotuku.com will not be deemed to have accepted goods and services by virtue of a partial or full payment for them and in no event unless and until Rotuku.com gives the Vendor written confirmation of acceptance following Rotuku.com receipt, inspection and approval of the goods and services.

16. Passage of title and risk

Despite any other term of this purchase order, risk of loss or damage to the goods and services will remain with the Vendor until the receipt, inspection and written approval of the goods and services by Rotuku.com.

17. Indemnity

The Vendor agrees to indemnify and save harmless Rotuku.com, its members, officers, employees, assigns, agents and clients from any liability, loss, cost and expense arising directly or indirectly from claims, proceedings and investigations (“losses”) advanced by or on behalf of third parties to the extent such losses are caused or contributed to by any breach of this agreement by the Vendor or negligence or willful misconduct by the Vendor or other party for whom the Vendor is responsible.

18. Rotuku.com supplied property

Title to any items which have been supplied to the Vendor by Rotuku.com, or paid for by Rotuku.com, in advance of delivery by the Vendor of the goods and services ordered on the face of the purchase order, shall at all times be vested in Rotuku.com.

The risk of loss for such items shall remain with the Vendor until delivery to Rotuku.com of such items, in the same conditions as originally received by the Vendor.

The Vendor agrees to be responsible for any and all loss or damage to Rotuku.com property while such property is in its possession or control.

Technical information, specifications, drawings, designs, building and floor plans and other documentation relating to the business or activities of Rotuku.com disclosed by Rotuku.com to the Vendor pursuant to this purchase order will be held in strict confidence by the Vendor and will remain the exclusive property of Rotuku.com. They may not be copied or reproduced without the express written consent of Rotuku.com.

19. Intellectual Property

The Vendor will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Rotuku.com, its members, officers, employees, agents, clients, and the public from any expense, cost, loss, claim, damage, judgment or liability for infringement or alleged infringement of third party intellectual property rights including any patent, Copyright, industrial design, trademark or trade secret with respect to the goods and services and their process of manufacture.

The Vendor will, at its own expense, defend or assist in the defense of, at Rotuku.com option, any action of any alleged infringement.

20. Compliance with laws

The Vendor acknowledges that it has complied, and will continue to comply during the performance of this purchase order, with the provisions of all applicable third party contracts and all applicable laws in accepting this purchase order.

21. No promotion of relationship

The Vendor must not disclose or promote its relationship with Rotuku.com, including by means of any verbal declarations or announcements, and by means of any sales, marketing or other literature, letters, client lists, press releases, brochures or other composed materials without the express prior written consent of Rotuku.com.

22. Product specification by the vendor

The Rotuku.com will not be responsible on doing the description, weight, measurement and any picture taken for the vendor's product. However, Rotuku.com will offer the services to the vendor's if needed with additional charges.

23. Weight and dimension packaging guideline:

Before entering the product detail specification, the weight and dimension of the packaging of the product should also be included. Below are the guidelines for the weight and dimension of the types of packaging used.

All dimensions are measured in mm and gram.

Plastic Courier Bag
Bubble Lined Courier Bag


Courier bag:

Dimension Weight
Width (mm) Height (mm) Thickness (mm) Plastic (g) Bubble (g)
127 279.4 0.075 2.50 2.50
254 304.8 0.075 5.46 5.46
304.8 406.4 0.075 8.73 8.73
160 320 0.075 3.61 3.61
280 420 0.075 8.29 8.29
340 460 0.075 11.03 11.03
400 550 0.075 15.51 15.51
500 650 0.075 22.91 22.91
250 390 0.075 6.87 6.87
320 440 0.075 9.93 9.93
360 480 0.075 12.18 12.18
26 37 0.075 0.07 0.07
37 52 0.075 0.14 0.14
52 74 0.075 0.27 0.27
74 105 0.075 0.55 0.55
105 148 0.075 1.10 1.10
148 210 0.075 2.19 2.19
210 297 0.075 4.40 4.40
297 420 0.075 8.79 8.79
420 594 0.075 17.59 17.59
594 841 0.075 35.22 35.22
841 1189 0.075 70.50 70.50
1189 1682 0.075 140.99 140.99
1682 2378 0.075 281.99 281.99


Corrugated box:

Wall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Box Weight (g) Weight Capability (g)
Single 240 170 100 125 2000
324 240 160 260 5000
Double 420 280 290 500 10000
500 420 350 800 30000


24. Changes, modifications or terminations

Rotuku.com reserves the right to cancel or terminate the purchase order at any time in whole or in part, either by written or verbal notice and confirmed in writing.

We also reserve the right to make changes in any one or more of the following:

  • Specifications
  • Methods of shipment or packing
  • Place or timing of delivery

If any such changes cause a change in the cost of, or the time required for, performance of this purchase order, an equitable adjustment should be made in the price or delivery schedule, or both.

No agreement or understanding to modify the purchase order shall be binding on Rotuku.com unless in writing and signed by Rotuku.com authorized people.

In case Vendor wish to stop using Rotuku.com services due to some circumstances, they can deactivate their account through the Website. The Vendor must retrieve all of their products from Rotuku.com warehouse not exceeding fourteen (14) days or else Rotuku.com will not entertain any request.

25. Realistic offers

You should provide the actual selling price of your item in your ad, except for ads under the "Jobs" and "Services" categories. Rotuku.com reserves the right to refuse unrealistic selling prices which we do not think are the actual full price of your item (strictly no installments, down-payments or trade-in prices).

26. Bidding and auctions

We DO NOT accept any ads related to auction or bidding. We only accept ads with actual prices.

27. Illegal goods

Ads featuring goods that are prohibited from sale according to respective ASEAN laws are not allowed on Rotuku.com for the list of illegal goods.

28. Prohibited goods and services

Rotuku.com has restrictions against the advertising of certain goods and services. For the list of prohibited goods and services.

29. Offensive content

Ads or images that could be perceived as offensive to ethnic groups, individuals, or public figures are not allowed.

30. Services

Ads under "Services" must follow applicable ASEAN laws and regulations for the given profession.

31. Returns & Replacements

For both local and international imported products

  • Shipping period for a product may range between 3-4 weeks for international delivery and 1-3 working days for local delivery or based on which courier service selected
  • Only prepaid orders are allowed
  • No cancellations shall be permissible after the product is dispatched from the Vendor location.
  • Customer will be notified about the shipping status via his/her email.
  • Generally products are dispatched from international location within 3-4 working days and 1-2 days from local location or based on which courier service selected
  • Refusal to accept the product at the time of delivery will not be entertained and no refunds shall be made in such cases.
  • The product is eligible for return in one of the following cases provided the complaint/return request is registered within 72 hours of delivery:
    • Product is defective/damaged.
    • Product is not same as ordered/described – different color, size, style, wrong product.
  • Warranty applicable if specified
  • Item such as lingerie, food and beverages are non-refundable

32. Social Media

Social Media platform shall be used to market the goods and services provided by Rotuku.com such as Facebook and Instagram to do promotions and deals. As well as to convey information to the public.


*Any changes made will be notified