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Red Cherry Closet
Women's Fashion
Agri Dagang Snd Bhd
Distributor for raw material exporter from Malaysia. Most toward spices .
Balqis Online Store
You can now buy our range of products from Rotuku.com
Biro Wanita MPK Bukit Beruang
Biro Wanita Mpk Bukit Beruang telah menubuhkan satu projek IKIP dimana kami menjual Kueh Bahulu, Kueh Sapit dan Kueh Siput. Dan Insha allah akan membuat produk produk makanan traditional dan moden yang lain dimasa akan datang. Projek IKIP Biro wanita MPK Bukit Beruang mempunyai 11 orang ahli dan akan menambah lagi ahli masa akan datang.
BN Snapshot
Online Football sporting goods and Sports shop
One Stop Solution Service Provider
Dapur Bonda
Dapur Bonda adalah perniagaan permakanan yang dikendalikan oleh anak anak tempatan. Ianya baru ditubuhkan pada tahun ini, 2018. Pada masa ini kami menjual berbagai bagai jenis kueh bahulu, kueh sapit, kek dan bermacam macam lagi. Dan kami mempunyai visi untuk mengembangkan perniagaan ini keseluruh negeri atau luar negeri.
De' Tampoi Traders
De' Tampoi Traders was established in year 2018. A local company that produce and invent firstly cheese ball called POCHEETO's with amazing flavor rich with fantastic ingredients and herbs. We also produce garlic powder to distribute domestic and Asian markets.
Dhira Elegance & Beauty
Health & Beauty provider that cares for your well-being.
Fiziq Enterprise
FIZIQ health care roots can be traced back to 1999, the date the company’s predecessor company, FIZIQ ENTERPRISE, was formed into a more formidable structure with a more disciplined Financial strength. FIZIQ Enterprise officially diversified their services into health care during the year 2000 and has expanded into providing services to the private and public sectors and also to individuals. Since the company’s inception, the area of business operation has been kept with many retailers as we only provide supply and also health care services during exhibitions and also join ventured health events with private and public institutions, as we would like to maintain stability and also enjoy business growth. The company’s stable senior management team has long understood those two objectives need not be mutually exclusive. Currently one of Fiziq’s strength is its financial backup. Fiziq is now being supported financially and consultancy by one of Bruneis’ biggest financial institution in Brunei Darussalam.... More
For Him Company
Men's Fashion